Kencot Reunion Group USA.

Kencotians Committed to Christ.{ K.C.2.C.}

WELCOME to Kencot Reunion Group!

Kencot Reunion Group USA, consists of past, current, future and guest members of Kencot SDA Church in Kingston, Jamaica. Nestor Mc Farlane, founder. Our goal is to reach out to all past members of Kencot living in various parts of the world, as we await the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Each year we fellowship with each other to rekindle, reflect on how God has led us in the past and how God is leading today. Thank you for visiting our new website. We are Kencotian Committed 2 Christ. (KC2C)  Stay tune to this web site or on face book at Kencot Reunion as we hosts several exciting events throughout the year, tell a friend, spread the word about our web site.

15th Annual Kencot Reunion .
Friday July 13 Sabbath July 14, 2018.
312 Hamilton E Holmes Dr NW Atlanta , GA 30318-7302
Kencot Connect Vespers.
Every second Friday night of each month. A tele-conference interactive service. Just call 1-641-527-4200. code 9118139.  Join us as we review the Sabbath School Lesson start time 9:00 pm est.
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